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Co-Work Vs. Working from home?

Hi there, Ash here.

When I started my entrepreneurial journey back in early 2016, the thing that excited me the most was the notion of working from home (Whilst wearing my favourite yoga pants and slippers - the dream, right?). I could wake up, make my morning coffee, toddle off to my work space and run a successful business from the comfort of my own home.

Fast-forward 6 months. I'm in hell. It's taking me triple the time necessary to action my task lists, Netflix has released a new MUST-BINGE-WATCH-NOW series, my cats' fave past-time is strolling across my keyboard and the Fridge is humming my name in 15 minute intervals. Is a home office environment the best possible set up for small business owners? Can you achieve world domination from your living room floor (kudos if you have though)?

Since the doors of The Productive GC swung open, I have noticed some major changes not only in business, but in myself.

1. Work - Life Balance

I believed that as an entrepreneur the idea of a 9 to 5 ceases to exist and often used this as an excuse when working well into the evening. The phrase "home-time" was never a thing (because I worked at home) I also found myself responding to client queries after midnight which completely removed boundaries. With no clear "finish - time", I quickly became exhausted, overworked and on the brink of nervous breakdown.

Working from a Co-Work Space there is a clear line between work and home. Without distraction, my tasks are completed I no longer feel the need to work endlessly through the night. When it's time to go home, it's time to switch off.

2. Connection, Collaboration + Shared Knowledge

A home office is completely isolated, unless of course your partner, roommates or children are there in which case it becomes a distraction more than anything. In an environment where like-minded entrepreneurs come together the opportunity of connection and collaboration is endless.

Over copious cups of coffee or even an afternoon vino, a conversation can be started with your neighbours and this could lead to a friendship, a referral or business collaboration.

Imagine having the answers at your fingertips. A Co-Work space becomes a one stop information shop as we often have a collection of business owners from various industries and expertise. Shared knowledge in a community setting presents you with opportunity to network while you work! How cool is that!

3. Accountability

We all have "off" days. The days where motivation lacks, the self doubts kick in and being your own boss suddenly feels like the hardest thing in world! We have all been there. The blood, sweat and tears and the moments of "Eff this".

In a Co-Work environment, motivation is everywhere. There's nothing quite like extra kick in the butt that comes from looking over your shoulder at someone pumping out work that makes you say to yourself "Sh*t, I should probably get some work done and stop procrastinating". Surrounding yourself with a bunch of great people kicking their daily goals is the ultimate motivation and the accountability that as business owners, we often need.

4. Grow, Grow & Grow

With accountability, a healthy balance of home and work life, shared knowledge and positive energy, two major things will happen.

MAJOR INSPIRATION: Now that you're rested, finally have energy and have stopped resenting your business, those creative juices can flow again creating new ideas for bigger and better things. The people around you may have made a super cool suggestion and you'll suddenly be pumped up the jam to get it done.

PRODUCTIVITY: Eliminating distraction and injecting accountability means that you will actually be getting through your tasks, finally freeing up much needed time to work on your own business, grow it, grow your client base. The possibilities are endless.

If you are looking to move your business out of your living room and into a Co-Working Space, book your desk at The Productive GC today!

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